3 Things That John Saddington Taught Me About Life

January 5, 2015


They say you can admire people from afar, but can only see their character up close.  I’ve known John & worked with him for a few years in some of his past ventures, but what I really cherish were our weekly coaching calls together (I’m not sure he’d call them that, but coach me…he did.)  During some of those weekly calls, I picked up a few lessons from John that helped shape my worldview, and also got to see his character.  I can vouch that he is the real deal.  He truely tries to help as many people as possible, all while not sacrificing his ideals as an entrepreneur and husband / father.  Here are a few tidbits that I’ve picked up from our relationship together that will forever help me.  I hope they help you too.

01.  It NEVER hurts to ask.

I don’t care whether you’re buying software, negotiating a mortgage, or asking your future spouse out for a first date.  It NEVER hurts to ask.  My wife and I have since landed so many deals by first heading to the store manager and “just asking” if we could pay less.  The latest of which was when we knocked 2K off our latest car purchase by bringing in 10,000 in an envelope and saying, “This is all we have.  Can we pay 10K instead?”

They said yes.

They also checked our names against the NSA.

02.  Brute Force Really is a strategy.

There’s no replacement for massive action.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen our team fail, try another route, fail again, try a different route, etc.  until we reached success.  Most people mistake strategy for “sitting still until they can see their way completely through”.  John taught me that

“Strategy is really continuous execution on the current best option.”

See the difference?
You don’t “wait until.”
You “try until.”

You’ll outpace, outlast & outperform 99% of your competitors just by executing while others are busy strategizing themselves to death.  Paralysis by analysis.

03.  Authenticity is the Only Real Marketing.

One of the things I appreciate the most about John is that he will tell you the truth if you ask him.  Stuff you don’t want to hear.

Stuff like,

“No.  You probably shouldn’t have posted that online.”
“Maybe.  Have you even asked them yet, or are you just making that up in your head?” and,

“Yes.  I do enjoy a good Katie Perry song.” (video link removed)

Minus that last one, being able to tell people the truth and not “keeping up appearances” always works in your favor in the end.  There’s a place for sugar coating & tactfulness.  But you’ll never build a brand (or tribe, or whatever) of people who agree with you until they know what you stand for.  Like ole’ honest Abe said, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”  Just as important as knowing who you are, is knowing who you aren’t.  And John’s nailed it.  His latest venture has a growing following of people that know exactly what he’s passionate about…and what he isn’t.

John has a friendship that I value, and I’m thankful for (working with him / his friendship) through one of my life’s most influencial  seasons.  If you have any life coaches like that, I’d suggest following their example and investing in as many people of potential that you can find.

Andrew Mason


Andrew is a husband, learner, ProGuide.io founder, dubstep aficionado, eater of carnetas burritos, and marathon runner. I love building communities that learn together!