Becoming a Go-Giver, with Bob Burg

May 7, 2013 — Leave a comment

Bob Burg HeadshotToday we talk to Bob Burg, a sought-after speaker at corporate conventions and for entrepreneurial events. He has addressed audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000 — sharing the platform with notables including today’s top thought leaders.  The Go-Giver has shot to #6 on The Wall Street Journal’s Business Bestsellers list just three weeks after its release and reached #9 on BusinessWeek. It’s been translated into 21 languages. It is his fourth book to sell over 250,000 copies.  Download a free sample chapter here!

Interview with Bob Burg:

Or, if you want, you can download the interview here.

Key Points:

  • What is this book about?  And why is it important for people to read it?
  • How important is Laughter at work and in Life?
  • In the book you claim that Happiness is a choice. Do you really believe that?
  • You also claim that the journey towards the goal is more important than achieving the goal. Explain that.
  • And much more!


Talk Back!  How have you benefitted from Giving more in life than taking?

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