Content Networks – with Dan Benjamin

February 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

danbenjaminInterested in making a free audio podcast?  Perhaps starting your own content network?  Dan Benjamin‘s done both before…..very successfully.  And today we hang out with him learning about his story, how 5by5 began, and a few practical tips for those of us looking to get into the free podcast biz.  He’s a good friend of Merlin Mann, and It’s a great episode….let us know any questions or comments you have after the jump!

Interview with Dan Benjamin, Founder of 5 by 5:

Key Points:

  • What is 5by5?
  • How did Dan get started in podcasting?
  • What tips does he have for aspiring content creators?
  • How do you create so much content consistently?
  • And more!


What about you?  What content network questions do you have?

Leave any questions or comments below, and we’d love to answer or help!

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