Create Awesome Software – with Dave Teare, Founder of AgileBits

February 21, 2013 — 2 Comments

daveteareThis week we talk to founder of AgileBits software, and co-creator of 1Password, Dave Teare.  1Password is the handy little tool that helps speed your productivity in a big way.  We talk 1Password features, AgileBits‘ company culture, what personally inspires Dave, and where the company’s headed in the coming months.

Interview with Dave Teare, Founder of AgileBits Software:

Or, if you want, you can download the interview here.

Key Points:

  • What is 1Password & How does it work?
  • How do Dave and the team decide what features to add?
  • What personally inspires Dave and the AgileBits team?
  • How can we take the leap to start our own software company?


What about you?  What questions do you have?

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