Creativity Exercise: How Do You Visualize Music?

July 23, 2012 — 2 Comments

Ever hear a song, and instantly think of what the music video would look like?

A year ago, we got a great opportunity to create some music visualizations for a friend’s band at a concert they did in New York.

Sometimes, I really like to think about what techno music would look like visualized.  A lot of songs have musical story arcs and plot lines that would easily translate into something visual.  If you’ve never done this before, try this:

Listen to one of your favorite lyrical or instrumental songs with your eyes closed.  You may be surprised to see a story for the song forming in your head!

Abstract stuff is great too.  Some of my favorites are from DJ Andy Hunter. (Who just so happened to release an album today.  Highly recommended.)

Here’s one video I started for a song he did called Annihilate.

What about you?  Are there any songs that you think would be great music videos?

Andrew Mason


Andrew is a husband, learner, founder, dubstep aficionado, eater of carnetas burritos, and marathon runner. I love building communities that learn together!
  • Matt

    Fun stuff! I liked the idea about trying to bring to life the scenes in my head when I listen to some dub step insanity. I’ve had a pretty great mental video of Cray Button by Family Force Five. Cant wait to see the visuals from the new Hunter album. Keep it rollin!

  • You, sir, are Amazing.

    And yeah….new Hunter albums pretty stinkin’ ridiculous.