Episode 012: Ignite Your Personal Accountability with John G. Miller

January 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

John G Miller

Why is personal accountability important?  John G. Miller has spoken on the subject since 1995, and has heard every excuse in the book.  If you haven’t read his cornerstone work, QBQ!  The Question Behind the Question, you can’t afford to miss the information here that will transform your leadership.

Interview with John G. Miller, Author of QBQ!:

Or, if you want, you can download the interview here.

Key Points:

  • What is QBQ?
  • How can you make personal accountability work for you?
  • What arenas can this one style of thinking transform?
  • And more!


What about you?

I’d love to continue the conversation here, leave any questions or comments below from the interview, and we’d love to answer or help!

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