Episode 041: Find Your Voice, with Andrew J. Mason

September 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

VoiceToday on The ProGuide:  Have you ever lost direction in life?  Not sure what your identity really is or where to turn next?  Well, I share a few personal stories on my journey to finding my authentic voice.  Included in the episode are a few tricks to finding great mentors & a lot of valuable resources to help you along the way.

Episode 041: Find Your Voice, with Andrew J. Mason

Key Points:

  • What do we mean by “Finding your voice?”
  • What journey did Andrew take to find his?
  • How do you find a good coach?
  • What resources are there for learning more?
  • And more!

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Podcast Finding Your Voice

What about you?  Did you enjoy the interview?  What was your biggest take-away?

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Andrew Mason


Andrew is a husband, learner, ProGuide.io founder, dubstep aficionado, eater of carnetas burritos, and marathon runner. I love building communities that learn together!