Episode 048: EntreLeadership Podcast Host, Chris Hogan

January 15, 2014 — 3 Comments

ChristHoganDave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Podcast is consistently the number one podcast in iTune’s business, and Chris Hogan, host, is no stranger to constant improvement.  Chris Hogan stirs audiences to action wherever he speaks. Whether he is delivering a keynote on personal money management, teaching an all-day leadership training for business owners and professionals, or hosting the EntreLeadership Podcast.

Hear the interview after the jump!

Interview with Chris Hogan, EntreLeadership Host:

Key Pointsfrom the interview:

  • What’s it like interviewing today’s top business leaders?
  • What are the number one obstacles facing small businesses?
  • What can folks expect from the future of the EntreLeadership brand?
  • And More!

Now that you’ve listened, have you read Adapt or Die?  What did you think of Rick’s ideas?

Andrew Mason


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  • wild-eyed-joe.

    What pieces of advice does Chris* have for those looking to move forward?

    Great interview!

  • Marsha Gibbons

    Almost wish the interview was a bit longer. Loved the content, though!