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Interview with David Allen, GTD Creator

Best-selling author and speaker David Allen shares some some insights with us regarding the inception of GTD, present reach, and future possibilities.  He’s the author of such incredible books as “Getting Things Done,” “Making it all work”, and “Ready for Anything”.   They teach effective leadership skills.  And the interview was our most popular interview to date, and one where we got to ask David, “Do you ever procrastinate?”

Interview with GTD Creator, David Allen:

Key GTD Interview Points:

  • What is it?  Why did David make this methodology?
  • What are his plans for the future of this way of thinking?
  • What are some of the things he struggles with?  Procrastination?
  • What are some of his plans for the future of gtd?
  • And more!

How has GTD Workflow & David’s Interview about Good Leadership Skills Impacted you?

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Andrew Mason

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  • Charles Gracen

    Good stuff!

    • andrewjmason

      Thanks. David was great.

  • fastie23

    This looks interesting…..anyone use gtd for very long?

    • andrewjmason

      I’ve done a GTD + CulturedCode Things combo for a few years now. Love it. And love the mental energy you free up getting stuff out of your head. :) Thank for the comment!

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  • Jensen_G

    As a longtime follower of GTD principles there is some great stuff in here! It’s easy to get caught up in the GTD methods themselves without stepping back and remember the philosophies that GTD was founded on in the first place. David does a great job of simplifying GTD into its essence (“Your head is for having ideas, not for holding them”), and the interviewer does an excellent job with relevant questions. Thank you!

    • Andrew Mason

      Our pleasure… Hope you stick around the site for more interviews :)

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  • Lucian Alexandru Motoc

    I’ve been doing GTD on and off for about 3 years now, and I have to say .. Wow! This interview is super valuable. I’ll have to listen to it twice, and I’ll also take notes. Great stuff!

    • Andrew Mason

      Thanks for saying that Lucian,

      We’re a brand new blog that learns from thought leaders like David Allen. We’d love it if you’d help spread the word about us! (“like” this page, or share it on FB / twitter!)

      – Have a great week,
      – Andrew

  • benrwoodard

    Should I read the book first or how should I get started?

    • Andrew Mason

      Hey there Ben,

      the book *does* help tremendously, but there’s a lot of online resources that help you *get it* for free. One of my favs is:

      I use OmniFocus software as my vehicle to implement GTD, but there’s a lot of other good ones, including “Things” from

      The real *secret* is to get started now. One of the sneakiest setbacks is spending all our time researching something so we know a lot about it, and none of our time *actually* implementing it.

      Hope that helps!

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  • Steve Parker

    Excellent interview. Are there any other resources out there to learn more about gtd?

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