Interview with Professional Photographer, Keith Mosher

August 30, 2012 — 1 Comment

We first met Keith when we were searching for a wedding photographer.  Time after time, he came highly recommended by friends, and once we saw his work, we were convinced.  We got to catch up with Keith to chat for a bit about why he got into the photography biz in the first place:

1. First of all, tell us how you got started doing photography! Did you always know this would be your career?

I never played with a camera or photography until I graduated from high school and I received a camera as a graduation gift. I took time off between high school and college, and in that time I played with the camera and I started to fall in love with its abilities. So I then attended a four year college and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in photography. during and after college i worked with a studio in Pittsburgh before moving to Rehoboth freelancing with the Cape Gazette in Lewes, De. In February of 2002 I began my own business.

2. What motivates you? Is there anything about your business that gets you up early and keeps you up at night?

With every event there seems to be one images that stands out over all of the others. What motivates me is striving to capture that image or series of images. I am not satisfied until I have it captured a portfolio worthy image from each event.

3. What one thing do you know now that you wish you knew when you started your business?

I wish I had some business experience or had a class or two on day to day operations such as billing, taxes, filing, etc. I knew how the camera worked and had the artistic side, but my business knowledge was weak. But over the past 10 years it has grown. Also I didn’t realize how LITTLE of time is spent behind the camera versus everything else to run a business.

4. What photograph are you most proud of?

My last semester of college my professor took 14 students to Havana Cuba for 14 days. It was an amazing trip. We were not led as a group and photographed the city and the people as a photojournalist. I was photographing some children playing in the street, and I ended up in the middle of them. Them they started to run away from me and one girl looked back over her shoulder at me. At that moment time stood still as I captured her and her friends. I knew it was a cool shot, and felt proud of myself for getting in that situation and capturing it. I don’t think I have had the same feeling since then, 11 years ago. It was amazing.

5. What piece of advice do you have for someone just starting in photography?

Take business classes, get to know other photographers in your area, get to know them, respect them and maybe become friends, and respect the profession by learning as much as you can about creating a great image. It is more than having a good camera and pushing a button.

BONUS FUN! – You’re on a desert island for the rest of your life, and you can only bring one camera with you, what do you bring?

my iphone. The quality out of it amazes me. It is better than the first DSLR I owned.

You can contact Keith at Kam Photograhpy, or on his Facebook Page

Awesome.  Do you have any questions for Keith, or any thoughts or ideas to share from your own experience?

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