Keeping Multiple Venues in Sync Using Dropbox

August 16, 2012 — 6 Comments

Feeling out of sync?

It doesn’t matter whether you have 3 Computers in in the same building, or 14 Computers spanned across multiple states.  Now there are tools available that’ll help you keep everything together…. wherever you are.

And the kicker is?

They’re all cheap….  Or free!

After the jump, check out this quick video tour on how (and why) we use Dropbox & LogMeIn as a 1-2 “multi-campus punch” to keep the long distance driving to a minimum.

Without further ado…


Here’s a few resources for multicampus file administration:

  • Need to long-distance control other computers from your web browser?  Check outLogMeIn free.
  • Need to keep your iTunes library in Sync across multiple campuses?  Click here.
  • Need to keep your ProPresenter library synced?  Copy your ProPresenter library into your DropBox folder for easy song syncing (Note: This will not update playlists, just the song library).
  • Need to keep tabs & control on your overhead computers from your iphone?  Download Dropbox (Free!), LogMeIn Ignition ($30.00), or ProPresenter Remote ($5.00) from the app store!

Dang.  May I just say I’m excited about this?

The church I work at is launching our second campus, and I was afraid file admin was going to be a nightmare.  ….A LOT of driving….And these tools are helping me to sleep a little safer.  But that being said,

What am I missing?

Are there more free tools out there to keep your media, lyrics, playlists in sync in a multi-location environment?  Are there even more elegant ways to do it?

Leave a comment below!

Andrew Mason


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  • andrewjmason

    Quick Question: Does anyone else rely on different software to keep their files synced up?

    • I would agree with you on dropbox because I used it. However I have switched to Google Drive because you get more storage for free and added storage is cheaper per year then dropbox. You start off with 5gb free and can upgrade to 25gb more for $25 per year. You can install it to your computer and mobile device as well.

      • andrewjmason

        Nice! I’ve not checked it out yet, and have heard mixed reviews…I should give it a look!

  • Austin Jones

    Our church has been experimenting with BT Sync, which uses the bitterest protocol to sync folders directly between computers. It’s gotten more stable as of late. It’s best asset (besides being free) is having no limit on storage. You can also set certain folders as read only if you don’t want someone modifying files. Of course, there’s no backup into the cloud like Dropbox.

    • We’ve been messing with BT Sync, but dang. Since we upload from a rural area, the Dropbox / Vimeo integration for sermons is worth it’s weight in gold. As soon as BT Sync nabs a feature like that, I’m all in.

      • Austin Jones

        Yeah, all of these services have different strengths, and that’s why my menubar is so cluttered. 🙂