Leveraging Tech to Gain Perspective

August 16, 2012 — Leave a comment


We’ve all had bad days.

As you look back over the past years….there are probably a few days you wish didn’t happen, and some you wish did.

At the risk of sounding like a bearded self help guru (and yes…they ALL have beards.) I wanted to share a habit I’ve adopted that’s helped me a ton in seeing life differently.

Using technology and an old lifehack that takes about 5 minutes a day, you can drastically reduce your level of pessimism, and see  life from a better perspective next year.


Yup, journaling.

In the video, I use MaxJournal (3.99 in iTunes store)  for writing dailies and Evernote for anything else encouraging I want to remember.

Here’s a a cliff-notes version of what you can expect:

  • Over the last 5 months, I’ve journaled bullet-point wins for every day, no matter how small…..from business deals to a tasty burrito (I know, crazy).
  • You’ll be surprised at how much you forget everyday.  Sometimes, because days blend together, we forget the little things that are so beautiful…..and are memories worth preserving.
  • Your opinion of yourself will be more well-rounded.  If you struggle with self-esteem, this habit becomes the proof you need when times get tough.
  • Spend a few minutes each week or month looking back over everything God’s done in your life.  It becomes a gift you give yourself, and it stacks up over time!

So, what about you?  Do you have any habits or life-hacks instituted to help you gain a clearer perspective?

Andrew Mason


Andrew is a husband, learner, ProGuide.io founder, dubstep aficionado, eater of carnetas burritos, and marathon runner. I love building communities that learn together!