Powerup! Episode 001 – Vision

February 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

Powerup!Another Podcast?!

I’m so excited about this.  One of the things I love about learning from leaders is that there are a few central themes that they look to as qualities that help make them better.  Things like “Vision”, “Focus”, “Systems”, and “Tension” are all buzzwords in leadership culture….but what do they really mean?  Powerup! is all about exploring each of these words in detail, and figuring out how we can include them in our lives in a greater measure.


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Leadership Powerup! Episode 001 – Vision:

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Episode Transcript:

In his book, the 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen Covey talks about the two creations of anything new in our world today.  The second creation is the one that we all see, but the first creation happens in your mind.  Everything that exists today is the result of someone’s creative vision.  The larger the idea, the more people we need on our team that are inspired by our idea.  Andy Stanley says that vision is a clear picture in our head of what could be, fueled by our believe that it should be.

So, what should you have vision for?  Take a second and think…..don’t ask the question “How” just yet.  That’ll smother the process before it even gets started.  What would you like to see happen in the future that would make it better than the current direction your headed?  Maybe it’s to learn a new language or skill….maybe to lose some weight?  Maybe it’s a new business or an idea that’s never been tried before?  Everything good that happens in your life got there because someone (yourself or someone else) had the vision to see it happen.  So go ahead!  Take a minute or two, and get some clarity on what you’d like to see happen in your life….or how you can make the lives of others more enriching.  A great question to ask is, focus on any area of your life and ask the question….”What would it look like if it were BETTER?”


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What’s your vision for your current life?  We would love to hear your thoughts!

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