Leadership Resource – The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

This is John Maxwell’s latest book, and we LOVE it.  It’s chock-full of personal growth principles that you can immediately apply.  Stuff like:

  • Law 03:  The Law of the Mirror – To add Value in others, you must first see value in yourself!
  • Law 05:  The Law of Consistency:  Motivation Gets You Going, Discipline Keeps You Growing.
  • Law 07: The Law of Design: To Maximize Growth, Develop Strategies

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over and download your free sample chapter for your kindle at amazon!

#BookNotes on Michael Hyatt’s Platform – Get Noticed in a Noisy World

I’ll be honest.  I thought Michael Hyatt’s Platform book was going to be very basic.  Little did I know that the majority of the book would be scribbled out with highlighter.  These are only one-third of the notes that I had highlighted, but I want to encourage you to pick up the book for yourself (in the interest of fair use and copyright).  I’ve only gotten to talk to Michael on one occasion, but I already consider him a mentor solely based on the info in this book.

If I missed your favorite quote, what was it?  And what did you think of the book?

Platform Quotes:

“They didn’t start with the technology. They started with the dream and then went in search of technology. This is a completely different way of doing business.”

“At this very moment, you face a decision. Will you take a stand for the original vision or will you—and everyone else in the room—be swept out to sea, drifting along with the current, oblivious to what is happening?”

“Aren’t the people you respect the most also the ones who demanded the most from you?”

“The truth is, mediocrity is natural. You don’t have to do anything to drift there. It just happens. But if you want to create truly wow experiences— and if you want to build your platform—then it is going to require courage. Are you willing to be brave?”

“Don’t try to do it yourself to save money (unless you are actually a designer). Remember, there is nothing more expensive than a cheap design that doesn’t work.”

“My favorite designs are those that are simple and elegant. They are kind of like the drum track on a great song. You’d miss it if it wasn’t there, but you barely notice it when it is. Or to say it another way, the design doesn’t compete with the message for attention; instead, it facilitates it. Be especially wary of designs that require an explanation for you to “get it.” Your prospective customers won’t have the benefit of someone standing next to them in the store or online explaining what it means.”

“Rather than merely asking how to get from where you are to where you want to go (strategy), I like asking what would have to be true for my dream to become a reality.”

“You will never see the full path. The important thing is to do the next right thing. What can you do today to move you toward your dream?”

“Don’t listen to that mocking little voice that tells you to be more realistic. Ignore it. You can either accept reality as it is or create it as you wish it to be”

“Relying on endorsements has become commonplace in almost every area of life. Why? Because with so many options, few of us have time to do the evaluation ourselves. Instead, we rely on the opinions of people we trust. This reduces the risk and helps us make a decision more quickly.”

“In my experience you are more likely to get an endorsement with a short deadline rather than a longer one.”

“But frequency is what separates the men from the boys . . . or the women from the girls. As I’ve already stressed, you cannot build solid traffic without frequent posts.”

“Start with a story, a promise, or a startling fact. The idea is to grab their attention and hang on to it.”

“If I want to write on something else (e.g., fitness), I do so through one of these four lenses.”

“What’s the takeaway for my reader?”

“What is your blog about? Try to narrow it down to a theme. For example, my theme is intentional leadership.”

“Tell them how often you post. Don’t tell them how often you wish you posted. Instead, tell them how often you actually post. Use an average. Invite them to subscribe. In my opinion, this is the most important call to action.”

“This is an opportunity to invite them to “sample the brew.” Draw them further into your content. Give them a taste of your best writing.”

“Consider a disclaimer. This is especially important if you work for someone else. You don’t want your readers to confuse your blog posts with your company or organization’s official position.”

“You need to write compelling sales copy that starts with your customer’s problems and concerns, explains why your product is the solution, and makes a compelling offer. ”

“Instead, following the lead of some other speakers, I now invite them to check my availability. It’s a safer, humbler first step.”
“When someone buys a product, he is not just purchasing an artifact. He is buying an experience. The same is true in booking a speaker. Event sponsors are purchasing not only a speech but the entire experience around the speech.”

“A quick follow-up with the sponsor after the event to make sure you hit the target.”

“You should ask every sponsor to record your presentation on video. Many won’t be able to, but you’d be surprised how many will if you just ask.”

“As a matter of procedure, always ask sponsors to provide an endorsement immediately after you speak. This is when your speech is the most fresh in their minds. It is also the point at which they are the most excited and likely to write a testimonial.”


If I missed your favorite quote, what was it?  And what did you think of the book?



Review and #BookNotes from Perry Noble’s Unleash!

From time to time we like to share nuggets, quotes, and one-liners from books that we’re currently working on.  Unleash! is Perry Noble’s first book, and here are a few of the quotes we’ve hit throughout the book that we’re chewing on:


[vimeo https://vimeo.com/43819711 width=”600″]


Quotes from “Unleash!” by Perry Noble:


“The power of unleashing doesn’t come when we ask, “What can I do?”  The answer to that question always amounts to something that will eventually pass away.  The better question is “Who is the Lord, and what does He want to do through me?” – Page 10

“It was God who set you free in the first place – not based on your own merits, but simply because He loved you.

“Those of us who are in Christ can move past the mess if we understand that our mess doesn’t disqualify us for His love.” – Page 28

“If you don’t let your past die, then it won’t let you live.  Period.” – Page 33

“Once you surrender your life to Christ, your identity is not in what you have done but rather what Jesus has done for you on the cross.” – Page 33

“We would never say a movie is bad because we don’t like a section in the middle…The same is true of life:  we have to choose not to allow what we’re going through at the moment to define our entire view of God. …As long as you’re breathing, there’s still hope.” – Page 52

“The truth is, God often allows us to face more than we can handle.  But it’s not because He’s cruel or heartless.  It’s so we’ll stop trying to live life on our own strength and learn to depend on His!” – Page 106

“Only God is able to take our pain and use it for progress.” – Page 119

“We’re called to be His faithful followers, and faithfulness is determined by how we are obeying God right now, not by promising what we’ll do if He gives us more insight or more blessings.” – Page 136

“Procrastination is assassination on the amazing future God has for you.” – Page 137

“Information does not always equal transformation!  We can jnow what is right and still make the wrong choices.” – Page 161

“Our first step away from God is usually our first step away from the people of God.” – Page 183


Review of Unleash!


Unleash reads a lot like Perry Noble talks….never boring.  Perry’s 1-2 punch of ADD-style of metaphor-application keeps the reading fast-paced, and easy to pick up and put down.  But more than the writing, the book itself has some phenomenal truths in it that need to be shared.  Highly recommended.


What about you?  Are you planning to read Unleash?  If you’ve already read it….what’s your favorite part?