Track Your Success, with iOS Lift App Creator – Tony Stubblebine

June 17, 2013 — 1 Comment

TonyStubblebineTony Stubblebine is the Co-founder of Lift., and creator of the wildly successful Lift iOS App.  Before that he was the founder of CrowdVine, and contributor to Wesabe, Odeo, and O’Reilly Media.  Today, we talk to him about *his* habit tracking, how Lift got started, and some of his company’s plans for the future.

Update: Lift now has new How to Meditate page with free guided meditations.  Check it!


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Interview with Tony Stubblebine, Lift iOS App Creator:


Key Points:

  • What is the Lift iOS app?
  • How does social habit tracking work?
  • What are some of the future plans for Lift?
  • What can we do with all the data tracked from people’s habits?
  • And more!

Wow!  What a great interview!  Tony really seems to have a game-plan for where he wants the app to head in the future…..what about you?  What habits are *you* using the app to track?

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