URGENT Quick Fixes!

August 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

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The Problem:

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m starting to see a pattern in our culture today.  We’re no longer in the information age.  We have way too much information available to us.

In fact, we have so much information now that finding the right information is quickly becoming more important.  Not just information, but info that matters.  The scales have tipped, and our most limited resource is now our attention.

The presence of blogs, 24 hour news networks, twitter, Facebook, more ads than we can handle all combine to vie for our attention.  “Quick fixes”, “This Just In” and “Seven Easy Steps to the life you love” all try to seduce us with two myths:

  • The Urgent – The promise that what your about to watch, read, or devote your attention to will be worth it, because it’s important information you NEED to know RIGHT NOW!  You may regret not watching it!
  • The Easy – The promise that if you just pay attention for a little bit, we can make your life a lot easier.  You’ll be *so* glad you gave us your attention.

The Solution:

If we’re not careful, we’ll find ourselves living a life of reaction without ever charting out a focused direction for ourselves.  The only solution is something Michael Hyatt & Stephen Covey both allude to in their work:

The only way to avoid a life lived in reaction to quick fixes and urgent headlines is to spend time daily conciously focusing on where you want to be.

How much time do we spend consciously focusing on where we want to be, as opposed to living a life in reaction to headlines and twitter links?  Do you spend any time daily purposely reading or thinking about the future?  Did you know that exercise can greatly improve your odds of ending up somewhere you want to be in life?

What about you?  Do you ever sit down to read an article or go online or watch the news and feel like you’ve been fed a “six easy steps?”

Andrew Mason


Andrew is a husband, learner, ProGuide.io founder, dubstep aficionado, eater of carnetas burritos, and marathon runner. I love building communities that learn together!